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About Us

TUS Foundation was established in 1993. It is a non-governmental organisation, and a member of Federacja Organizacji Służebnych "Mazovia". Our aim is to stimulate social and professional activisation of disabled people. We also act as a member of group of experts working on Warsaw Social Strategy. In addition the president of TUS Foundation was the chairperson of the Commission of Social Dialogue for Disability. TUS Foundation was engaged in the creation of the Polish Coalition Social Watch.

Experience in social and professional activisation of disabled people.

TUS Foundation is a non-government organisation, which has a long-term experience in social and professional activisation of disabled people. Previously, the aim of TUS Foundation focused on the provision of specialist transport services for disabled people. In 2005, after stoppeing this activity, TUS Foundation initiated activities aimed at assisting disabled people in their access to the labour market. That was the reason for the implementation of a project created in cooperation with European Social Fund, called " The Centre of Careers for Disabled People". Moreover TUS Foundation became a member of The Partnership for Development within the framework of Community Initiative EQUAL programme "Disabled people – independence, family, rehabilitation, education, work – integrated system."

The activities of the Centre of Careers for Disabled People continue in a new project financed under European Union. The Centre's effectiveness had a great impact on it's popularity among the employers and disabled people searching for work

Experience in researches.

TUS Foundation is well experienced in carrying out research. We conducted three researches examinating the special needs of disabled people who have used specialistic transport. Afterwards, TUS Foundation prepared and carried out the studies held by the Mazovia district work offices, work clubs, social aid centres, district centres for family aid, was aimed atevaluating the effectiveness of the services related to the the professional activisation of disabled people.

The research resulted in the report on "The effectiveness of services providing by the governmental and non- governmental institutions in Mazovia district in the field of professional activisation of disabled people – diagnosis and solutions". Financial backup from S. Batory Foundation and the Fund for Cooperational Fund Foundation enabled us to monitor the compliance of legal duty of creating the strategy for dissolving the social problems and it's quality in the boroughs and districts of Mazovia.

Since September 2008 TUS Foundation works on the faciliation of creating the Borough Strategy for Dissolving Social Problems and District Projects of Acting for Disabled People, as a part of "Agenda 22 as the mean for creating the strategies and operational programmes for social policy" project.

Competitiveness and reputation – comprehensiveness of our action.

TUS Foundation is a widely recognized organisation, valued in the in Warsaw non-governmental organisations community and by the institutions of local government. Due to long-term experience, it's know-how , qualifications and reputation, TUS Foundation have been acknowledged by various institutions. Foundation’s representative, as an agent of few organisations for disabled people, has been invited to join a group of experts working on Warsaw Social Strategy. The aim of the project under the auspices of the president of Warsaw is to create the priorities for the Warsaw's social policy.

The president of TUS Foundation was also the chairperson of Commission Of Social Dialogue for Disability. Commission compares of the non-government organisations and city council, it has a initiation l- consultative profile.

Our model and innovative approach to resolving the problems of unemployment among disabled people has been appreciated by the Ministry of Regional Development. The project - "Centre of Careers for Disabled People" - cofinanced with European Social Fund, has been awarded with the title of "The best investment in men 2007" in the competition " The good practises of ESF" , which goal was to honour the model realisation of the projects.

The projects of helping the various social groups to understand the disabled people's needs.

Apart from the activities already mention, TUS Foundation is engaged in the projects, which aim is to help various social groups to understand the needs of disabled persons’. Among all those projects the most important are: organisation of periodical training courses for first year's students of architecture at Warsaw Polytechnic, conducted with the keynote "Disability- what does it really means?", where students were to handle the typical student's affairs – go to dean's office, library, xero by wheelchairs or with covered eyes.

Moreover, TUS Foundation provide special trainings for public bus drivers. During this course drivers can learn how to cooperate with disabled people, what are their needs and how to help them to get on the bus.

Multiplicity activities of TUS Foundation has been rewarded with following prizes:

The portfolio of TUS Foundation comprises numerous projects reflecting Foundation’s main attribute is both well experienced and committed staff, which includes disabled people, who know the best all the problems of this environment.